California Bound

Every wake up from a dream and wonder… “did that really happen?”

It is hard to believe that three years ago today we (my wife and I) were frantically planning for a life changing move to Nashville, TN.  The movers were scheduled and we couldn’t wait to see our new apartment, visit our first honky tonk, and eat our weight in Hot Chicken.

Needless to say, we more than fulfilled those simple goals and even went on to buy a home and add a fur baby to our family.

Gertrude – The Helper Puppy

Nashville has been an amazing adventure but after three years of southern hospitality the need to be back home with family and friends proved too great.

So with that, goodbye Nashville and hello California!

While I won’t be actively posting to the website, keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook for updates on my trek west.


About Bryan

Hi! I’m Bryan, a simple guy that followed his wife from Los Angeles to Nashville and am currently living as a stay-at-home-husband. This site is about what I do to pass my time, keep the wife happy, and stay out of trouble. Some times it’s crafting, other times it’s cleaning, but mostly it’s cooking. I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I am. Bryan Stay-at-Home-Husband

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