A table fit for a wife – Part 2

I feel at this point I should explain why I decided to build a table, and I can sum it up in one word… Pinterest.  Honestly, Pinterest to a couch potato is the Devil to idol hands.  You see these amazing posts of a table, “Built for $110!” “All you need is a drill and some patience.”  There are dozens of such posts.  So many that after pinning several hundred, a few hours on YouTube (more like 100hrs), and the next thing you know, you’re building a table.  Honestly, the best thing I can relate it to is attending one of those horrible timeshare seminars where you get the free cruise at the end.  “For $1 dollar a day, you get to own a piece of 15,000 vacation homes, you can afford a dollar a day, can’t you?”  So rather than walking out of a musty ballroom with a ticket for a booze cruise and a stake in my very own vacation empire, I believed in my own hubris and decided to build a table.

While I’ve invested easily a 100hrs of labor, about 15lbs of sweat, and countless tears, my venture into table carpentry was a success. The plans for my Mona Lisa were provided by Shanty-2-Chic and a full write up with construction steps can be found on their blog which includes free building plans.  You’ll notice early in their posting that their build only cost $110 dollars.  Which is very very impressive.  However, what isn’t mentioned is all the tools they already have, materials like sand paper that are already on hand, etc.  While I spent far less than I would have buying a table from Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn, it wasn’t done for $110.

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So, who is ready to visit and help us break in our new table?

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