A table fit of a wife – Part 1

For the past few weeks I’ve been kind of hit and miss with my posts.  One posting this week, possibly two the next and so on.  While I wish I could say I’ve been on a mean Xbox binge, I’ve actually been working on a new dining room table for my wife.

Some of you might recall the coat rack I built back in March.  Having successfully completed that project and the subsequent stroking of my own ego, I was naturally ready to build a dining table.

Boy, was I wrong.

13th labor of Hercules

When I say this was hard, I mean this was herculean hard. In fact, after a little research I was able to uncover that there were indeed 13 labors of Hercules. For the 13th he was charged with building a table fit for a God.  And when I say a God, I mean dear old dad, aka Zeus.  However, after watching his poor son struggle for 30 years and 30 nights the benevolent Zeus took pity on Hercules and withdrew the final task and instead purchased a new table from Epeius Emporium. While stallions were more Epeius thing he didn’t see a problem with doing ole Zeus a solid.  Needless to say the 13th labor of Hercules was stricken from the pages of history and thus the seeds of my own folly were sown.

Who needs a truck!

With the failure of Hercules unbeknownst to me, I jumped into my new project with enthusiasm and gusto. A not so quick trip to Home Depot, a very awkward drive home, and we were ready to start.

Building this dining table was a labor of love, elbow grease, and glue.  I swear I used 10 pounds of wood glue in building this thing.  Every edge of wood that touched another edge had to be glued, braced, and allowed to set.  I’m seriously considering buying stock in Elmer’s.  At the rate I went through glue, by how many tables are built daily, I’m telling you it’s a gold mine.

BUY BUY BUY! It’s the kind of investment that sticks to you.

Check in Thursday to see how it turned out.

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