Steak… it’s what’s for dinner

If you are anything like me spring means one thing, fishing… I mean grilling! Okay, so maybe two things.

Having banished winter to a time best forgotten, spring heralds a return to the outdoors and with that charred deliciousness. I’m a firm believer that everything tastes better on the grill and I will cook as much as possible outside on trusty new Weber.

Many will say a grill is a grill and there are some pretty serious opinions when it comes to charcoal vs. propane.  However, in my opinion there is no comparison, charcoal.  In fact, I use mesquite charcoal 100% of the time with no exceptions.

To kick off the season I needed a meal worthy of my grill.  What better than a big ol’ fat steak?

Look at this baby. If dreams were made of meat they would be made out of this porter house.  I came across this beautiful specimen while I was picking up a few things at our local Publix. Now, I hadn’t gone to the market to buy a steak, but I make it a point to swing by the butcher counter on every trip to see if anything talks to me.  And this steak sung to me like a siren’s call.

With the steak wrapped and in the cart, I now needed a few more vittles to accompany my prize. A couple more passes around the market and we had what we need. Nothing like a little grilled squash and some garlic bread to round out a meal.


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