Costco Pizza

There are few things in life you can count on. The sun rising in the east, rain after you wash your car, and the awesome goodness of Costco pizza.

I’ve been a frequenter of Costco’s food court since before it was even Costco.  I remember when it was Price Club and all you could get was a hot dog. While the dog was, and is still amazing, my true love is that hot greasy slice of Costco pizza. For $1.99 you can eat like a king or for $9.99 you can go full Henry VIII and enjoy an entire pie to yourself.

While my heart will always belong to the simple pepperoni pizza it’s not disappointing to stray and indulge in a slice of cheese pizza or even combo. I’ve tried all three, some times in one sitting (I’m not proud of this), and enjoyed them all. Yet… another reason why I’m fat.

Rather than dwell on my waist, what actually makes this pizza so doggone good?  Personally, I believe it’s the freshness, quality ingredients, and amount of toppings.  When you shell out $1.99 for a slice of pizza you expect a piece of cardboard with a splash of sauce and a single piece of pepperoni. But not at Costco.  You actually get the exact opposite. Each slice is topped with a generous layer of mozzarella cheese, a heaping of pepperoni, all of which hides a sweet yet savory sauce.  Are you hungry yet?

I certainly am.


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