What a week…

Sorry for missing last week, but to be honest it was a total fail.  Monday started and ended without a hitch. I woke up, did some serious of honey do’s, that will be featured in the coming weeks, and made a pretty awesome dinner.  However, the next morning my week would take a drastic turn.

My little helper puppy got sick and like any dog lover I was worried beyond belief.  While I might talk the big talk, and swear up and down that I wouldn’t pay more than $500 bucks at the vet, when push came to shove, I was ready to take out a second mortgage if it meant a healthy Gertie.

With that said, meet Gertrude our six-month-old chocolate lab and helper puppy extraordinaire. Gertrude, known as Gertie to her friends, enjoys long walks and spends most of her time a with her buds Dr. Hedgehog and Mr. Owl.  However, last week Gertie had a tummy ache that was nearly my demise.

It all started Tuesday morning. After spending Monday at the day spa Gertie thought she’d start her week at home off by destroying her rope toy.  While this wasn’t unusual, she did follow it up with an enormous amount of puppy barf that was 90% rope. To which I decided no more rope toys… ever.  Not thinking much of it I went upstairs and started to work on my first post of the week. Then it happened again… and again… and again.  Okay this wasn’t normal.

Needless to say, Gertie was a puking machine.  Nothing would stay down, and after a day and a half of this I was an utter wreck.  Not only was I worried beyond belief but my butt was petrified from sitting on the floor petting her and comforting her while she slept. To be honest, I didn’t even shower for three days.  From Tuesday to Friday all I did was sit with Gertie, pet Gertie, and sleep with Gertie.  I think I looked and smelled worse than her.

After talking to the vet several times, I finally caved and took her in on Thursday morning. Of course, you go in and are ready for the worse.  Well at least I did. I was ready for full on surgery and 12 MRIs.  To our vet’s credit they did a great job at calming me down and let me know that this happens pretty regularly. I mean, she is a lab, and they eat everything. They weren’t even surprised when I showed up with a zip lock full of rope, and another of rope barf.  They took both bags with a smile and said, “THANKS.”  And would you believe, not one comment about my appearance or odor?

I think I spent the next 4 hours binge watching Supernatural and checking my phone.  Is the ringer on, is it charged, did I miss their call, do I answer in the bathroom? Like I said, a mess.

So, the phone rings, it’s a Nashville number.  Why don’t I have the vet saved in my phone. Wait, that’s my wife… I answer, “Hi babe??!?!?!? Did the vet call you?????” And would you believe my poor neglected wife has a cold and is coming home?  Now both my girls are sick.  This is turning out to be a horrible week.

At this point I figure I better shower and find some soup stat!

I was finally able to pick up Gertie on Thursday night and the vet was pretty sure she’d picked up a puppy bug at the spa.  Nothing a little bland food and some meds wouldn’t fix.  I was relieved but spent the next day and a half following that poor puppy around the house and backyard. I had officially become a poop stalker.  I wouldn’t be happy until that little beast did her business. It wasn’t until Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. that my stalking would pay off.  I heard the whine and bolted out of bed.  And like some sick fool with a puppy turd fetish, I watched and waited.  PAY DIRT!  HOUSTON, WE HAVE POO!

I’ve never been so happy to see a pile of poop in all my life.  Of course, we had to tell mom right away.  My poor wife, woken at 6:05 a.m. to hear about poo.

That pretty much sums up my horrible, very bad, no good, week.

Oh and thank you Bellevue Animal hospital for being so freaking awesome!

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  1. You now know the joys of doggie fatherhood – and you thought I was crazy about my dogs!! It does get easier! I hope Jen is getting better and Gertie sounds like she is already there! (Wait til one gets sick on a trip, and no familiar doc around!!!) Take care!! 🙂

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