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It’s not all appetizers and tasty treats here at  In fact, I have been doing some minor woodworking during the day.  Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been doing a pretty decent job. While I’ve mostly made picture frames I do have aspirations of doing some larger projects.  To that end I thought it was high time I put my skills to the test and actually tried making something we could use in the house.

Like any good DIYer I started with a little research on Pinterest. Naturally a search for woodworking projects yielded a plethora of results. So, after a little soul searching, and some serious honesty about my own skill level, I decided to start with something small, a standing coat rack.

While there were tons of choices on Pinterest I decided on a design from Shanty 2 Chic. The ladies over at Shanty have some great ideas posted on their blog. Not only are their designs simple, but they are quite stylish. However, their site is a little ad heavy and can really be a pain to navigate on a tablet or smartphone. So, I’d recommend viewing it on your desktop.

Materials needed:

1 4×4 @ 8ft.*

1 2×4 @ 10ft.*

1 furniture foot

1 scrap piece of 2×6 (approx. 5 1/2″)

1 scrap piece of 1×3 (approx. 16″) *

4 hooks of your choice

wood stain of choice

* I was having a hard time finding a 4×4 in pine so for this project I mostly used cedar.

Tools needed

miter Saw

sand paper (100, 220, 400 grit)

Elmer’s Wood Glue

pocket hole screws

This project took me about little longer than it should have, roughly 3 days of work in the shop.  Though the major time suck was sanding the rough-cut lumber by hand. Needless, to say, I’m going to invest in a random orbital sander ASAP.

Here are pictures of the cuts needed to make the piece and assembly.


Staining the project took about 20 minutes with dry time.  However, I did leave the piece in the garage with the door open for several hours so it could dry and air out.  If you’ve never stained anything then you should know that stain can have a pretty harsh smell while it’s drying.

Final product

Overall, I’d say this project was a success.  If you’d like to build your own coat rack head over to Shanty 2 Chic and follow their step by step guide.


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