Craft Beer: A taste of Home

I can remember when the whole craft beer craze was kicking off. Heck, I’m not even sure if I could legally drink then.  But, we won’t dwell on that. What we will focus on is how amazing and unique craft beer is.  And by unique, I mean geographically centric.  Most craft brewers are small shops that produce a limit supply of their product that is only available in a specific region. Naturally the scope of availability varies from brewer to brewer, but generally you can only get certain brews in certain towns.

To my surprise and personal enjoyment, the craft brew craze is alive and well in Nashville. In fact, I was quite shocked when I first visited two years ago, and found myself faced with a plethora of local options. It was honestly a little overwhelming and since then I’ve tried many beers from many brewers. Most of which have been delightful and tasty. However, a brew that truly sticks out and is a quintessential taste of Nashville is the peanut butter milk stout (PBMS) from Tailgate Brewery.

This beer is one of a kind and a has become a staple that I can’t live without. PBMS the perfect addition to any meal, especially if that meal happens to be a very large and cheesy pepperoni pizza or a heaping plate of hot chicken. There is just something about the velvety smooth texture, the nutty flavor, and hint of chocolaty sweetness that makes this beer great. It’s become so popular here in Nashville that Tailgate is opening a second location so they can keep up with demand.

Personally, I’m happy for them. Though I’m a little upset that my secret watering hole is becoming a little hard to find a table at. But, what can you do?

So, for anyone planning a trip to Nashville might I suggest looking up Tailgate Brewery, or at the very least keeping an eye out for their PBMS on tap.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


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