The Trouble with Poached Eggs

Have you ever woken up and had a craving that must be satisfied? I find it amazing how at times our bodies go primal and demand that we indulge in certain urges. Today, my craving was for a poached egg. Something about that ooey gooey amber goodness, served with piece of buttered toasted was speaking to my very soul.

While delicious, making a poached egg is a bit of a pain in the butt.  I swear it’s like doing battle with elemental titans of the kitchen. Your foes are the unpredictability of water temperature and bitter tanginess of vinegar.  Too hot and your egg is like a bleached hockey puck.  Too much vinegar and you’ll be eating a sour mess of goo.  Just the thought of it gave me shivers and was almost enough for me to give up.

But I remembered a trick my grandfather showed me years ago, he would crack an egg in a coffee cup, add a little water, and microwave his egg for a minute.  The end result was a round egg of perfect firmness and a gooey deliciousness. This was just what I needed and in no time, I’d be feasting on my succulent prize.

So, I fished out a coffee cup, added my egg, and topped it with water.  Now I just needed to wait a little while longer, 60 seconds to be exact, and I’d have that poached egg I so yearned for. However, fate is a fickle mistress, and she landed a fatal blow at about the 50 second mark.  Just as at microwave had about 10 seconds left I heard a pop and to my shock and chagrin my egg had exploded.

This wasn’t a little splatter. This was a full-on explosion of eggy nastiness. While I didn’t want to open the microwave door, I knew I had no choice.  The horror that awaited me was beyond words.

So, I took a few photos.








Cereal anyone?

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