Craigslist Shenanigans

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the consequences of going full boy. Side note: I still have no regrets for my over indulgence of onion dip. However, I have been making an effort to be a little more self-aware – but as we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  With that said, let me tell you a little tale about my adventures in being a Craigslist Tycoon.

Shortly after the New Year the wife and I purchased a new gray sectional couch from Costco. As you can see in the photo, it’s huge and comfy!

Our first thought was to drop the old couches off at the local Goodwill and be done with it.  However, since I’m now a professional domestic, aka an unemployed blogger that has dreams of becoming a fishing guide, I suggested selling the old couches on Craigslist. But I didn’t stop there. I also suggested that we sell the coffee table, pictured above with the new sectional, too.  And…. Both end tables (you know… to get a better deal by selling a whole living room set).

This my friends is where good intentions go wrong. Personally, I blame the word AND.  Just think about how many times AND spoiled a perfectly good idea.  For instance, let’s go to the bar AND do shots.  Going to the bar – great idea – until AND spoiled all the fun. Yep… not my fault.

So, AND prevailed, and it even convinced my amazing supportive and UNDERSTANDING wife that this was the correct course of action.

I listed the items online, took some amazing photos and priced everything as a set.  For only a few hundred dollars some lucky Middle Tennessean would be the new owner of the Robinson Collection.

Check out these photos… who wouldn’t want this set?

Would you believe I got a call within hours of listing everything?  Would you also believe they wanted to make a purchase? Would you be surprised when they only wanted the coffee table and end tables… that we were still using, and hadn’t purchased a replacement for?

Of course, I said no, I stood my ground, and made the sensible decision. I mean it would be foolish to sell a table and two end tables that you’re actively using… right? Needless to say, I went full Daffy Duck and sold that oversized Clydesdale of a table and its two little friends.

After all, I’d discussed selling the tables with my wife, there was no way she would be upset. That evening I waited for her to get home so I could tell her about my adventure.  How this mysterious stranger contacted me over the interweb, we met in secret, and after hours of brutal negotiation struck a deal.

Victorious and with cash in hand, I waited and found my mind thinking about what else I could sell.  There was that lamp, or maybe the buffet in the other room… Lost in my own thoughts I didn’t even hear the garage door open, but what did get my attention was the, “what happened to the coffee table?”  And like the proud hound dog that brings it’s master a muddy dead rat, I answered, “I sold it!”

Would you believe that wasn’t the right answer?

Naturally a million questions were asked, but to be honest I was far too confused to really understand any of them.  However, at the heart of the matter seemed to be the issue of what we’d use until a new table and accompanying end table were found and purchased.  Being a man of action, and wanting to avert The Eye of Sauron from my person, I sprang into action.  Wine poured, and wife relocated upstairs into a hot bath of Epsom salts, I proceeded to find a temporary solution.


While functional, it was clear that this setup was only going to buy me a little time.  I grabbed my trusty iPad and started browsing the abundant selection of coffee tables offered by, and decided it would be best not to bring up my other suggestions for what could be sold on Craigslist.

According to my good friends at Fedex, our new coffee table and end table should be arriving today. And with any luck I’ll be able to put this messy affair behind me.

That does leave just one question, does anyone need a couch?

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